If you’re like most Seattle families, you’re probably as focused as Russell Wilson and the rest of our beloved Seahawks on the next step—The Super Bowl—although with a little less pressure. All you need is a family-friendly place where you can enjoy the game, kiddos in tow. A tall order? Not if you’re headed over to the new Redline WS restaurant in West Seattle. It’s as family-friendly as they come. So you can focus on being the best 12th man you can. Go Hawks!

Red Line Seahawks

The Seats
Redline WS was conceptualized as a family-friendly sports bar, and it shows in the design of the place. Clearly someone had containment it mind when it came to seating. Chairs are complemented by cushy benches at every table, perfect for squirmers and wigglers. And the horseshoe shape means the kidlets can get up and wander but still be in view, which makes for worry-free sports time for the p’s. Plus, there’s not a bad seat in the house when it comes to actually watching the game. Televisions are mounted up high, where you’ll be able to see all the important plays, even with a munchkin (or two) standing in your lap. And then there’s the separate entrance for families. It lands you right in the heart of the family seating section, bypassing the forbidden bar (forbidden to the tot lot, but not their parents, thank goodness!). Just follow the red railing on the north side of the building to the double doors, where logos and mascots for every imaginable Washington team grace the walls and create an equal opportunity viewing space. Your game day oasis awaits!

Red Line Family Seating Area

The Eats
Redline WS serves up all kinds of sports bar faves for each member of the fam. And while they don’t have a kid’s menu, per se, if you’re in the know (and now you are) you can order up all kinds of kid-friendly cuisine for your littlest sports fan. Traditional items like mac-n-cheese, hot dogs and PB’n’J are on the menu, alongside bar food staples like sliders and chicken bites (boneless chicken wings). Each kids meal comes with tots (of the tater variety) or fries, and costs hover around $6. There’s plenty for mom and dad on the menu too. The pizza combos are interesting and meant to be shared, and the burgers fall on the gourmet side of the great pub food divide. There are also delish salads for those who prefer to veg out in more ways than one during game time. And be sure to give the fried pickle chips appetizer a try. It’s a tasty menu item you can’t always find in the city. Cheers!

Red Line Condiments

The Treats
Super Bowl Sunday promises to be a fam-tastic time at the Redline WS! There’ll be raffles and prizes, plus plenty for the tot lot and big kids to do. And you can count on beer and food discounts to sweeten the deal. Look for $1 off beer and appetizers, $2.50 Bud Lights and $3.50 Redhooks. Sound good? We thought so. Plus, there are always a few arcade style video games in need of some playing if the kidlets get antsy. And $1 buys you some time on the skee ball lane. Score! Bring a few extra bucks and show the kids how it’s done during half time. Then it’s back to the game and a Seahawks’ win!

Red Line skee ball

Getting There
The Redline WS is just over the West Seattle Bridge. You can’t miss it once you turn left onto 35th. But parking might be hard to come by, if you don’t know the area. That’s where we come in. There are 10 numbered parking spaces patrons can use on the south side of the building, just past the restaurant. Pull in, park, it’s a breeze. You can also park in the Alki Lumber Yard, just a half-block west of the restaurant on Avalon Way, on Sundays. They’re not open and we won’t tell. There are a few street spaces along Avalon Way east of Redline too, or you can take the bus over the bridge and save a little gas. The 21, 50, 55 and C Line all stop right outside the restaurant. Now that’s easy!

Redline WS
3478 SW Avalon Way
Seattle, Wa 98126
Online: redline-ws.com/

Do you plan to check out the Redline WS on Super Bowl Sunday? Let us know in a comment below. 

–Allison Sutcliffe, words and photos