The unassuming office park across from the Redmond Whole Foods is actually home to one of the most charming neighborhood bistros on the Eastside. Step inside Pomegranate Bistro to find the warm glow of candlelight, a lively (and kid-friendly) atmosphere, and a delicious menu sprinkled with gourmet Southern comfort food.

The new fall menu dishes up selections such as bourbon braised beef short ribs with North Carolina smoked tomato-chipotle grits (delicious with some heat!), blue agave grilled pork chops, and a vegetarian harvest enchilada. Those looking for something simple but delicious might opt for the tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich on ciabatta ($10), Lisa’s Southern fried chicken, or one of the always-popular firebread selections.

For parents with kids in tow, it gets even better…Pomegranate’s offerings for kids are both fun (food is served in a TV dinner-style tray with compartments) and a big step up from the traditional fare of “nuggets”. Instead, kids can get a southern fried chicken leg with mashers, mac-n-cheese with Caesar salad, a firebread pizza, or a quesadilla…plus there’s a fun “mocktail” menu. Every dinner comes with carrots, raisins, one sweet treat & a few gummy bears. (We’ve found that it’s a good idea to ask your server to bring the sweets after the meal because it’s hard to eat the delicious dinner while staring at a gummy bear and a cookie…they’re happy to accommodate.)  High chairs and coloring supplies are available as well.

Tip: If you get there early with the kids (5-5:30), try to get seated at one of the tables overlooking the catering kitchen. If they’re prepping for a big event, the view provides a great distraction for the little ones and you might just be able to eat your meal in relative peace!

Pomegranate Bistro is owned by the husband and wife team of Lisa Dupar and Jonathan Zimmer of Lisa Dupar Catering. Fans of their food will be excited to find some of their favorite Pomegranate Bistro recipes in Lisa’s very first cookbook coming out in November titled, Fried Chicken and Champagne, A Romp Through the Kitchen at Pomegranate Bistro.

Pomegranate is also a favorite spot for date night, mom’s night out, and brunch!

—Angie J. Ballas