In honor of Father’s Day, Red Tricycle chatted with two rock star dads, Chris Ballew and Drew Holloway, about fatherhood, PEPSapalooza, and making kid-friendly music that doesn’t make parents want to pull their hair out.

Chris Ballew (bottom photo), more widely-known as vocalist and bass-guitarist of The Presidents of the United States of America, is releasing his fourth kindie-rock album under the name Casper Babypants. Sing Along is due out September 20th.

Our other dad, Drew Holloway, when not blowing pint-sized minds with rock, is an elementary school teacher. Along with two other teachers-turned-part-time rockers, Jack Forman and Daron Henry, Recess Monkey (top photo) has produced a whopping six albums together, and are releasing their seventh, Flying, on June 21st.

You can see both bands perform at PEPSapalooza on Saturday, August 13th, 2011. PEPSapalooza is a family-oriented music festival supporting PEPS, Program for Early Parent Support. PEPS strives to provide a community network for parents of infants and young children that will enable them to seek parenting advice and support.

RT: Why Do Dads Rocks?

Chris: “Dads rock the same as MOMS! Being a Dad means the same as being a mom…to help your child learn to know themselves so that they are equipped to make sound decisions on their own someday.”

Drew: Dads rock because they turn their weber grills to eleven! I know my dad would be proud of my flank steak and asparagus :)

RT: What’s your best parenting advice?

Chris: Learn to be empathetic and let your children know that you hear them when they talk to you.

Drew: My best advice is to listen more than you talk, alot more. Oh, and always have lots of snacks on hand, snacks are good.

RT: What’s your children’s favorite song you sing to them?

Chris: A new one from the new Caspar album SING ALONG! called My Flea Has Dogs. They laugh every time!

Drew: Our favorite song to sing is usually the one we’re making up together.

RT: What’s your favorite thing about doing PEPSapalooza?

Chris: The sea of happy baby faces in the sun and the ice-cold beer after the set!

Drew: My favorite thing about doing PEPSapalooza is the hose! If the hose is on that means it’s hot and sunny!

RT: What makes PEPSapalooza a great event?

Chris: The opportunity to support an organization that is so closely aligned with my goal to reduce stress for new parents.

Drew: PEPSapalooza is a great event because its’ raising money and spirits- All in the name of family. The only thing better than seeing kids sing and dance- Is seeing them do it along side their parents!

Happy Father’s Day Chris and Drew!