274Wading through fixed rate and adjustable mortgages, second mortgages, and lines of credit can be a scary thing. That’s why we’re so glad we’ve met the team at Salmon Bay Community Lending. All moms, this group is an independent brokerage with access to a national network of home-loan sources. They understand the pros and cons of each option available to home buyers. And they know how to make the whole process of funding your dream home, or your next fixer-upper, not only less scary, but totally painless.

“We’re different than other loan officers because we’re very committed to providing the best rates and the best service. We love to build communities, and really get to know our clients. We’re always available,” says Colleen Butler, one of the team. When she’s not busy making residential dreams come true, you can find Colleen at Baby Loves Disco, where she volunteers her time, in addition to being an active member of MomsRising.

Even if you don’t need a loan right now, take a look at Salmon Bay Community Lending’s Family Financial Series of lectures. Experts in their fields come in and speak monthly on topics like couples and money, college savings, and savings savvy kids. These ladies know how to feed the piggy bank a nice, healthy meal.

Salmon Bay Community Lending
1502 NW 52nd St. (Ballard)