Originally Published 12.30.2009 savor

It’s so easy to get swallowed by the craziness of the day-to-day, especially during the holidays, that we forget to stop and taste what life has to offer. A great way to create delicious moments is to stock your pantry with ingredients that can take you on a flavor ride. The new Savour Specialty Foods, located at 2242 N.W. Market St. in Ballard, n is a culinary wonderland that provides a full range of supplies for your gourmet soul.

The goodies range from cookbooks and chocolates to artisan condiments and oils. Look for the hand-rolled couscous and the sundried tomato spread from Les Moulins Mahjoub, the artisanal Italian products imported by Seattle-based Ritrovo, including gluten-free rice or corn pasta and Maletti balsamic vinegar. Fans of the Vancouver, B.C., Butter Baked Goods can score some of the famous marshmallows. From the home front, look for the selection of predominantly Northwest wines and beers, adorable Emilie Sloan lunch totes, gorgeous Jonathan Wright letterpress notecards, cute Atelier Izze dining ware for children, Chilewich linens, and Cucina lotions and soaps.

The deli case offers pâtés, cheeses, cured meats and olives, and Savour also serves a soup of the day, quiche, and mac-and-cheese made with mascarpone, gruyère and cheddar. Eventually, the shop will offer tasting events and cooking classes, too. Sign up to receive the newsletter and recipes.

Savour Specialty Foods, 2242 N.W. Market St., 206-789-0775 twitter.com/SAVOUR_seattle

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—Hsiao-Ching Chou