If you ask any kid what his or her favorite part about a birthday party is (besides the presents, of course) they are likely to say the birthday cake! With the candles, frosting, Happy Birthday song, the making of a wish, and the excitement of blowing out the candles, the birthday cake is the centerpiece of any great party. Birthday cake is an easy hit, when it’s done right. So, whether you’d like to make yours from scratch or pick one up at a local Seattle bakery for your kiddo’s upcoming birthday, we’ve got you covered.

Buy the Cake!
If the thought of making your own masterful birthday cake (or cupcakes!) gives you anxiety, we certainly don’t blame you. After all, planning your kids birthday party can be overwhelming in itself. We’ve dug up some mom and dad-approved Seattle area bakeries that offer everything from the traditional birthday cake to cupcakes to custard cake, all of which will surely satisfy the sweet tooth of your little one!

North Hill Bakery
Located on Capitol Hill, North Hill Bakery is a favorite of Red Tricycle Seattle writers. This boutique bakery makes everything from scratch using fresh whole ingredients (no mixes here!). They offer a variety of flavors that include lemon chiffon, chocolate mousse, raspberry mousse, coconut cake, to name a few and all birthday cakes can be personalized with flowers and a special message or logo.

Columbia City Bakery
Columbia City Bakery is the perfect bakery for a classic birthday cake. Their chocolate, black forrest, coconut, and carrot cakes have people of all ages ooing and awing (and drooling).

Mike’s Amazing Cakes
Mike’s cakes are well, amazing! If you’re looking for a custom made cake for your kiddo then his is the bakery to check out. Mike and his team will take your idea and translate it into a delicious and edible (not to mention, memorable!) birthday cake.

Cakes.com brings the idea of convenience to a whole different level. Simply order your birthday cake online and then select a local bakery near you that will make your creation. Their options range from Winnie-the-Pooh cakes to Barbie cakes to Spongebob to dinosaur cakes, and much more!

Cake Fixation
Cake Fixation is the place to go for adult sized, but kid-themed whimsical cakes. Their gallery is definitely worth a look, or three! From cowboy cakes, to princess cakes, to Alice in Wonderland cakes, they have you covered with any and every theme you could think of. This shop is by appointment only and located in Woodinville.

Trophy Cupcakes
Located in Wallingford, U-Village, and The Bravern, Trophy Cupcakes is a great alternative to the traditional birthday cake and the perfect size for little hands. Their cupcakes come in a variety of unique flavors including PB&J, Samoas, and Lemon Strawberry. They also carry all the traditional and types of cupcakes, which are always a crowd-pleaser!

Stuffed Cakes
Stuffed Cakes are exactly what you think they are — stuffed cake! This bakery makes smaller-sized cakes (their largest is 10”) and each are filled with sauces, fruit, or candy. Added bonus: they have a very simple ordering menu – pick your cake, frosting, and filling and voila, you’re done!

Peak’s Frozen Custard Cakes
Peak’s is not your typical ice cream cake, they are so much more. Frozen custard has unparalleled flavor, and at Peak’s they use local, fresh ingredients and an environmentally sustainable process. They are located in Seattle and have been voted one of the friendliest establishments in the city, so while not traditional, they are definitely worth birthday “cake” consideration.

DIY Birthday Cakes
Tackling the cake on your own can be fun and rewarding, but it can also be stressful and too much trouble if you don’t plan ahead. If you’re up for the challenge, take the time to peruse some local decorating supply stores and don’t be afraid to ask the employees for suggestions or advice. A few awesome decorating supply stores includes Cookies in Ballard, Dish it Up in Magnolia, Sur La Table at the Bravern or even your nearest Joann Crafts or Michaels. Look to places like Whole Foods for organic sprinkles, natural food coloring and specialty bake mixes.  If you plan ahead you can order online at fancyflours.com, which has some truly beautiful decorations and ideas.

Sprinkles and ready-made frosting are delightful, but here are a few more decorating ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

Fondant: It’s a lot like play-dough. Kiddos can use it to mold and shape designs or roll out the fondant and cut them out with cookie cutters. With a tin of mini-letters, your wee one could cut out their name to put on a cake or cookie.  When they’re all finished you can leave the creations as is, or you can draw faces and other details to enhance their work using an edible marker.

Cut-outs taped to a straw: Trace, print out or create a design of your choice on paper, cut it out and tape it to a straw (fancy paper straws like these are really fun!) and let your toddler pop them into the cake.

Mini toys and rings: Check out Wallingford’s Archie McPhee or order online at orientaltrading.com for fun rings and toys to top your treats. Just watch out for choking hazards if you’re serving to the really wee set.

If you’d like even more birthday treat suggestions check out our Seattle Bakery Roundup (including a gluten-free/vegan bakery!).

Seattle is chock full of wonderful birthday cake bakeries and cake decorating supply stores. We would love to hear what your favorite spots are in the comment section below!

— Lauren Dupuis & Terumi Pong