January is flying by! Slow your weekend down with spectacular events and activities your kids will love. We can’t wait for: a zoo program for cool cats, a youth-led equity event and your chance to (finally!) run away and join the circus. Read on to see what’s going on around Seattle this weekend.

photo: Alanna Westfall

Go wild!
Everyone knows big cats are cool. That’s why the Point Defiance Zoo staff is hosting a program dedicated to their feline feats. In this program, kids ages seven and up will learn about the majestic Sumatran tigers, acrobatic clouded leopards, a leaping serval and a Canada lynx that call the zoo home. Registration required. Fri. Event details.

Sing, dance & learn
Sit down with your tots and the Seattle Public Library to explore ways to build early literacy skills through playing, reading, singing, talking and writing with your little ones. Fri. Event details.

Chill out
Ditch the rain for some snow play. Whether you want to build a snowman or take to the slopes with your super-fast saucer, the sledding and tubing hills are open for business this winter. Make your reservation soon.

Learn a new skill
Join Fort Nisqually and their skilled volunteers as they teach kids how to weave with cardboard. This made-for-kids class requires registration. Sat. Event details.

Mix, pour & explore
At this drop-in class, kids ages six through eight will conduct experiments, make mixtures and solutions, explore states of matter and create chemical reactions while learning about atoms and molecules, acids and bases, density and polarity. Registration required. Fri. Event details.

Let youth lead the way
Seattle Town Hall is hosting Youth Activists for Systemic Change (YASC), a group that empowers youth through education and activism. Join them for an evening of performances, perspective and a panel discussion on their demands for justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. Sat. Event details.

Circus with SANCA
If rolling into class in their jammies is your toddler’s jam, this class is made for you. Kids will use stuffed animal buddies as tools/partners to introduce object manipulation skills, balance and games. Registration required. Sun. Event details.

—Allison Sutcliffe