Last weekend’s excitement (and hopefully its sugar rush) has worn off. Now your fam’s looking for exciting ways to usher in the first full weekend of November. We can’t wait for: a bilingual way to honor the dead, a nighttime science program and an excuse to roll through the weekend, retro-style. Read on to make weekend memories!

photo: iStock

Roll with it, baby
Skate into the weekend with an epic family roller skating sesh at the Southgate Roller Rink.

Honor the dead
Set out to celebrate Dia de los Muertos while you still can with a bilingual StoryWalk and sugar skull drawing class, where teaching artist, Amaranta Sandys, leads the way. Fri.-Sun.

Pier into the night
Stay warm and dry at home during this underwater adventure beneath the waves of the Salish Sea. Who knows what you’ll find—feather-duster tube worms, perch, sculpin…maybe even a Giant Pacific Octopus! Sat. Event details.

Read the rainbow
LGBTQIA+ families and their allies are invited to raise your rainbow flag and join Lindz and Teddy for songs, stories and spreading joy. Sat. Event details.

Boost their brain power
You don’t need beakers and test tubes to try one of these science experiments that will fascinate your kids and teach them cool science concepts, too!

Eat globally
Looking to spice up your take-out routine? Add a trip to this new food hall to your weekend bucket list. There’s something for everyone!

Plan an epic movie night
Snuggle up to watch a movie your mini dino-lover will totally fall for this weekend.

Get moving
Need to burn off some of that cooped-up-too-long energy? Try one of these classes kids are sure to flip for.

—Allison Sutcliffe