Believe it or not, there are some people who do not like cupcakes. However, many of those people grew up attending birthday parties with the little cakes made with sickening sweet, grocery store “butter cream” frosting. If you consider yourself in this camp, you’ll be surprised to learn that the cupcake has evolved big time! And we think you owe it to yourself to do some “research” before your kiddo’s next big bash. To help you with that task, we’ve rounded up the best places in town to indulge. Flip through the gallery for the sweet details.

PinkaBella Cupcakes

Margo Engberg’s PinkaBella Cupcakes' flavors are the stuff that kiddo dreams are made of—some 80 different options that range from Chocolate Chip Pancake and Cherry Coke to Creamsicle, and that’s just the C’s. Though these guys regularly rank as crowd favorites in reader polls, city dwellers will have to trek a few miles, as all five locations can be found in suburban malls. But PinkaBella’s Banana Bread cupcake is miles ahead of what most of us can make at home, which more than justifies the drive.

Pinkabella can be found in Alderwood Mall, Bellevue Square Mall, Issaquah Highlands and Redmond Town Center. Be on the lookout for #5 coming to downtown Bothell soon.


photo: PinkaBella Cupcakes

Can anything replace the cupcake in dessert supremacy? Tell us your favorite sweet treat (and where to find it) in the comments below!

— Jeff Totey, Chelsea Lin & Sara Billups