Swelteringly hot days like Seattle’s seen this summer call for new and creative ways to cool off. Sure, wading pools and spray parks do the trick for the everyday. But when it comes to adventurous alternatives wouldn’t you rather slide through the city on an oversized slip ‘n’ slide? Grab your floaties, inner tubes and sunscreen and read on for the scoop on Slide the City.

Editor’s note: As of August 5, 2015, Slide the City Seattle has been postponed until next summer. Despite months of hard work and coordination between event organizers and city officials, the State and King County Health Departments reported that they could not accommodate the event this year due to increased permit requests. We’ll keep you posted on next year’s event. 

Slide the City general shot

photo: Slide the City

Party On! 
The premise of Slide the City is a simple one that seems to have come straight out of your childhood imagination. Shut down a major city thoroughfare for one day and replace it with a 1,000-foot long slip-n-slide. Then, invite about 6,000 of your closest friends over for one giant party. See? Simple and dreamy. Add on some food and vendor and entertainment booths to this awesome day and it might just eclipse Bumbershoot as your sidekick’s coolest event of the summer.

Slide the city boysphoto: Slide the City 

Ride On!
There are three different ways to slide through the city with your crew: single, triple and unlimited rides. The single ride ticket ($16-$30) includes one twisty-turvey slide down the track during a two-hour, pre-assigned window, along with some simple swag (a bag and a mouth guard). A triple slide ticket ($31-$45) gets you three down-and-backs during the two-hour window and a bit more swag (add a tube to this package). And for those who want to do nothing else all day other than ride this slippery slope, the unlimited ticket ($48-$65) is the way to go. There’s lots more swag with this pass. Plus, you can ride all day long, including two hour-long windows before and after the event, which means less crowded slide times for you. Since each rider rides solo, your minis will need their own tickets. And as of this writing, registration for the Seattle event hasn’t opened yet. Since it’s one that sells out quickly, notifications are a must for families who are ready to rock the slip ‘n’ slide this summer.

Slide the city dad and daughter photo: Slide the City

What to Bring
Think “day at the beach” when gearing up for this adventure. Swimming suits, sunscreen and a towel to dry off are on the can’t-forget list. Floppy hats, goggles, squirt guns and other water-themed adds-ons are up to you and your mini crew. Don’t forget that each rider has to have his or her own inflatable to cruise the strip. So, plan to bring some from home or purchase them when you get there.

Slide the City girls

photo: Slide the City

Slide the City
Mercer St. (between Warren Ave. N. & Fourth Ave. N.)
Seattle, Wa
Online: slidethecity.com
Tickets: slidethecity.com/events/seattle

When: August 16, 2015 from 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Cost: $16-$65
Ages: 5 & up (and at least 46” tall)

Do you plan on attending Slide the City? What is your family’s favorite water slide? Tell us in the Comments below.

— Allison Sutcliffe