Imagine this – it’s your little one’s birthday. You spend the morning relaxed, get yourself ready to go, and show up for the party on time. Plus, you actually get to be in pictures with your birthday boy or girl (because you aren’t behind the camera), have a chance to visit with all of your guests and – wait for it – enjoy yourself and this special day! We know it seems like a dream, but it is possible to achieve with the help of these professional event planners in Seattle.

The girls of Honey Do, a personal concierge service, are happy to handle anything from brainstorming theme ideas and helping you execute them to your exact vision, to putting together party favors (doesn’t everyone dread that?), to picking up the balloons and ice at the last minute, to actually helping entertain your little guests. Not only are the Honey Do girls ready to jump into any part of the party process, but they are creative and excellent with children. We suggest hiring Honey Do if you want to throw an amazing birthday party, but don’t have the time (or energy or creative mind) to pull it off yourself.

We’ve all thrown that party where we spend the entire time running around like a chicken with our head cut off – taking coats and making sure everyone has drinks and keeping the party rolling and making sure that the birthday boy or girl doesn’t get pizza all over themselves before you get a good picture. Whew! Before you know it, the party is over and although everyone else had a great time, you didn’t. Enter The Invisible Hostess. This team of hostesses is trained to help you from behind the scenes so that you can truly enjoy your party. Depending on what you need, your hostess can arrive early to help with set-up, stay during the party to keep things running smoothly, and even stick around afterwards to clean up while you put your tired birthday kid down for a nap! We suggest hiring The Invisible Hostess if you love taking care of the party planning details yourself, but could use an extra set of hands for the actual event.

Sublime Wedding and Event Planning is a shining star on the Seattle wedding planning circuit, but we had to include them on this list for a very important reason – owner Shannon is a mom to a three-year old little girl, so she truly understands what throwing a children’s party is all about. Sublime offers planning and assistance for parties big and small, with many different levels of involvement, but all with your child’s consideration at the forefront. We suggest hiring Sublime Wedding and Event Planning if you want to work with someone from start to finish to create a party that you (and your child!) will never forget.

Do you have any secret weapons for creating an enjoyable, stress-free birthday party for your child? Share them with us below!

— Katie Kavulla