Did your little monster start planning his Halloween costume back in July— when he spotted them at Costco—and has already changed his mind ten times? Yay, ours too. Before you head out in search of the perfect getup, click through the gallery to see our favorite shops that sell pint-sized costumes guaranteed to scare up some serious candy this Halloween.

For Unique Treasures: Value Village

Come equipped with patience (and maybe some Febreze) and you could leave this huge thrift store with treasures you won’t find anywhere else (imagine a lumberjack beard made out of yarn or a whimsical hat), plus plenty of ideas for unique homemade costumes. Stock is always changing since people are always dropping off donations, so there’s a good chance you can pick up someone’s once-worn costume for just a few bucks.

Good to Know: Value Village also sells new Halloween costumes, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the thrift racks, there’s a good chance you will find it in the new section. Click here for store locations.

Online: valuevillage.com

photo: Value Village

Did we miss your favorite costume shop? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

— Kristina Moy

Feature photo courtesy of Kelsey Emerson.