Real, Live FoodsIMG_5531

When Little One started solids, you pureed concoctions of the freshest organic produce, but now those delicacies been replaced by Goldfish and Fruit roll-ups. Recommit yourself to a healthy lifestyle, which can be made easier with regular visits to Thrive café. This locally owned shop in Ravenna (1026 NE 65th Street, #A-102 ) promises to re-spark your interest in all things green, with a menu brimming with vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, wheat-free, and dairy-free items. Sip some freshly minted water from the cooler and shop for raw nuts and seeds from the bulk bins, or sip a smoothie (Coconutty and the flavored Creamsicle varieties tempt our tastebuds) and peruse the eco-friendly totes. Have time to sit with Junior? Then dig into a salad or a warm grain bowl. But Thrive doesn’t stop with instant gratification. Dreading the overindulgence of the coming holidays? Revisit your menu items by educating yourself with a class at Thrive—Have a Rawsome Holiday, and Pies and Cakes, both coming up soon! They also offer private tours and field trips, and even would love to visit local schools. This might be your ticket to showing your new preschooler, or your PEPS group, that there’s more to life than O-shaped cereal. Don’t just live, Thrive!

—Matina Fresenius