Listen up Eastside parents, there’s a new early learning center in town that is every working parent’s dream. Tottini Discovery, a clean, bright and thoughtfully laid out space located near the Microsoft Campus, is set to provide original programs, age-appropriate lessons and activities and (gasp!) healthy lunches and snacks cooked on-site. The best news? Tottini Discovery is currently taking registrations for the fall and we’ve got all the important deets.


photo: Jennifer B. Davis

Quality & Enrichment
Tottini is the brainchild of working mom, Ashleigh Cho whose kids are ages 5 and 7. Tottini’s focus is on high quality care, provided through smaller teacher-student ratios (less than the state’s requirement), emergent curriculum, a wide variety of enriching activities and healthy and organic foods. “As a working mom myself, I wanted to create a space that provided the highest quality of care for kids, and one that also made it super easy on parents,” says Cho. A veteran of multiple daycare centers for her kids through the years, Cho has taken her learnings to heart and incorporated a variety of benefits for parents and kids alike, with the aim of making the Tottini Discovery experience better for everyone.