Hey dads! Looking for some fun places to spend time with your kids in Seattle? After asking some local dads about their favorite Seattle spots they love exploring with the little ones in tow, here’s what we came up with.

Discovery is the biggest park in the Seattle city limits, which puts it at the top of the list for places dads love to explore with their kids. Located in the Magnolia neighborhood, there are countless ways to spend the afternoon here. Bring bikes and ride along the wide paved trails that wind throughout the park (great for beginning riders!). Put the littlest ones in packs and do some hiking through the fields of tall grasses and digging in the huge sand pit. And for the most adventurous dads, take the long, twisty path down to the beach – it’s a long, serene strip of sand with calm waters that are perfect for skipping rocks and splashing. 3801 West Government Way, Seattle 98199. Visit the Seattle Parks website for detailed information about where to park.

Of course the entire family will enjoy the Museum of Flight, but every dad we talked to absolutely loves this place! Exhibits that are especially popular are the Flight Tower, where you can go up in the actual tower and have a perfect view of flights coming in and out of the King County International Airport as well as listen to the flight traffic controls, and the Space Exhibit, where dads and kids can take a turn being Mission Control to make a moon landing! The Museum of Flight often holds family workshops on the weekends that include a short lesson and craft. 9404 East Marginal Way South, Seattle 98108. The Museum of Flight website is very helpful – we suggest checking it out before you visit.

Don’t let Seattle dads fool you when they say they’re taking the kids to REI to play because the kids love it there – the dads love it at REI too! REI is a great place to do some exploring on a rainy day – the parking garage keeps you from getting wet (and it’s free for an hour!), little ones love the fun indoor play area that includes a tree house, rope bridge and other fun toys to climb on, and, dads can usually squeeze in some browsing or shopping after the kids have played! Dads also love making an afternoon out of a visit to REI because they can also grab lunch at the World Wrapps on the top floor before heading home for naps – it’s a perfect Seattle one-stop shop!  222 Yale Avenue Northwest, Seattle 98109. Visit the REI website for information about store hours.

Dads – we know that you can handle all the serious parenting business right along side the moms, but sometimes, isn’t it fun to live up to the stereotype of being the “fun parent?” When dads we talked to want to take their kids out on a no-nonsense, 100% guilty pleasure fun outing, Top Pot Doughnuts came up over and over again. These are not your grocery store doughnuts – both kids and dads will go crazy for all the delicious varieties, which include classics and seasonal selections. Plus, Top Pot makes a great cup of coffee, so you can get your caffeine fix at the same time (don’t forget to bring home something for mom!). Top Pot has six locations around Seattle. Please go to their website to find the one closest to you.

Hey Seattle dads! Tell us your favorite spots to explore the city with your kids!

— Katie Kavulla