Thanks For The Momories

corbinlewarsAs a parent, how many times a day do you catch yourself thinking, “I need to write that down” whenever Junior says/does something cute? Maybe you have a unique parenting experience you’d like to share with others and you need help translating the notes you’ve hastily scribbled between diaper changes into a story, article or blog. Whatever your level of organization or expertise, The Momoir Project can help you put your thoughts into words and eventually into something…more. Corbin Lewars, a local author (her essays have been featured in Mothering, Hip Mama, Midwifery Today and numerous of other publications), writing instructor, and mom of two, will be heading up a writing workshop to help moms create their own “momoirs,” whether the eventual goal is as simple as a special keepsake for the kids or getting published someday. The next six-week session starts in January in Ballard. Two hours of uninterrupted time each Saturday means you can focus on your writing in a supportive, informal environment and still be home in time for naptime!

Corbin Lewar’s own personal memoir, Creating a Life, will be published at the end of January.

The Momoir Project, A Writing Workshop, Starting Jan. 23, 2010, $375/pp email to register.

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