Wild Times!

Photo by Ryan Hawk—Woodland Park Zoo

The latest local Parents’ Night Out offering has kids exhibiting some animal-like behavior. They’re roaring like lions and climbing around like monkeys because they’re so excited to get dropped off at, you guessed it, The Woodland Park Zoo, which recently launched its unique monthly childcare program. Kids ages 4 to 11 get to spend a super-fun evening inside the Zoomazium, under the care of zoo staff. (The caregiver –child ratio is 10 to 1, but also includes teen volunteers, so can be as low as 5 to 1).

Drop off starts at 5:30 and pick-up is at 10 p.m.. It’s plenty of time for the kiddos to play games, watch puppet shows and experience a live animal encounter, plus eat pizza and watch a movie.

The program is offered March 6 and March 27, and again July 17, August 27, September 24, and November 5. Pre-registration is required and the cost is $25 per child and $20 for additional siblings.

When the night’s over, it just might be a toss-up of who had more fun—you, on your romantic evening out on the town; or them, on their nighttime adventure in the zoo.

-Kavita Varma-White