photo: Designer Daddy Transformation Dress via YouTube

What’s more fun than one awesome princess dress? Two of them, of course. The amazing dresses in the video below add a whole new level of magic to dress-up play, by transforming from one look to another with nothing but a twirl.

These dream dresses go from day-wear to ballroom-ready in a matter of seconds and they’re so gorgeous you’ll be a little bit jealous that they don’t come in mom-size. These intricately constructed costumes are made by Daddy Designer, and are handmade to order. Of course that incredible craftsmanship comes at a price.

The dresses run anywhere from $299 to $329, a hefty sum for what boils down to an item that will live in your toy box, but if you’ve got a mini princess on your hands that lives in her dress-up gear, it could be a worthy investment. Even if you can’t imagine paying that price, it’s impossible not to appreciate their ingenious beauty.

Would you buy one of these dresses for your daughter? Share your thoughts in the comments below.