National Look Alike Day might have you twinning with your kids (look, a tiny flannel just like mine!) and we totally approve. If you’re looking for some games that will take look-alikes to fun heights, scroll down and you won’t have to look twice.

memory game photo: Pietro Bellini via flickr

Play a round of memory. If you don’t have a set but have two playing card decks on hand, you can create a version of the game. Choose 10 matching cards from each deck and shuffle together, lay out and play as you would memory.

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other
Gather four objects, three that are the same or very similar and one that is not (e.g., 3 buttons, of varying colors and one penny). Have the kids say which one is different. You can make it as challenging as you like: 3 pieces of fruit and one vegetable; 3 shoes and one slipper, etc. You get bonus points if you can sing the song

Round and Round
Have the kiddos look for all the round things in the room. Now all the square things. Continue on with diamonds, heart-shaped, rectangles, or try using colors or textures. For older kids, have them write up a list at the same time as you and then compare.

Family Tree
Pull out photos of grandma, grandpa, aunties, cousins and mom and dad, as grown-ups and as kids. Talk about who looks like whom and why. Is it the eyes, the smile? Head over to a mirror and have your child look at their own face. If your child is adopted or you don’t have photos, try playing a look-alike game with a mirror and talk about general characteristics. Get a stuffed animal, favorite doll or vehicle in on the game!

Do you have any fun look-alike games? Share with us in the comments below.