This year, think outside of the traditional Easter “basket,” and get inspired by what some clever crafters have come up with. We’ve got five daringly creative Easter basket ideas to share. From the budget friendly “paper plate” basket to the festive spring “flower pot” basket, you are sure to be moved beyond the ordinary and into the best-mom ever extraordinary. Got some other unexpected Easter basket choices? Share them in the comments section below.

Paper Plate Basket
Not only is this idea adorable, but it is economical as well. Plus, you can throw this one together the night before.

Terra Cotta Easter Basket
Just in time for spring. These darlings are super easy to make! Plus, the kids can plant a flower in them after they riffle through all their Easter goodies.

Edible Easter Basket
Mouth watering… little ones will appreciate the idea of an edible Easter basket. Bonus: you don’t have to buy an actual basket!

Chocolate Chip Easter Basket
Okay, these may be the cutest little party favors around. Place one at each person’s seat this Easter brunch or dinner.

Mason Jar Easter Baskets
These lovely little jars will make for stunning Easter pictures this year. Imagine the kids strolling across a field, clutching their Mason Jar Easter Baskets, while searching for eggs…

Basket of Fun
Might be a little more work, but the results is one of a kind. Best for the craftier parents out there. Colorful and unique!

–Katie Ludin