Heading to the movies is a special treat for most families, but it can be stressful for littles to abide by traditional movie theater etiquette. For children with special needs, the challenge can be even more difficult––but not anymore!

As part of Regal Cinema’s My Way Matinee program which offers sensory-friendly movie screenings, guests can catch a screening of Paramount Picture’s Wonder Park on Saturday, Mar. 23 for just $6.50 at select theaters!

photo: IMDB

Regal Cinemas states that the program allows guests to “express themselves by singing, crying, dancing, walking around, talking or shouting while enjoying Hollywood’s latest films.” Participating theaters turn up the lights and turn down the volume to make the experience more sensory-friendly.

Showings are every second and fourth Saturday of the month and start at 10:30 a.m. You can enjoy tickets for just $6.50, but be sure to check out the My Way Matinee website to see if your local theater participates in the program.

––Karly Wood



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