Do some seriously easy lifting while engaging the kids in sensory play with a few scents that you probably have in your own cupboard. It can be as easy as opening a bottle or crushing a bit of fruit in a cup. Ask the kiddos to close their eyes and try and guess what they are smelling. You can even wave a little scent under your baby’s nose.

Here are a few ideas for common fragrant items to try:




Baby lotion or shampoo

Your favorite perfume (or an essential oil like lavender)

Fresh grass

Crushed leaves

Dryer sheets

Coffee Beans

Sidewalk after rain



Fresh flowers


Shaving cream

Curry powder

Different rooms: keep their eyes closed and see if they can tell what room they are in

Fresh cut citrus

What is your favorite smell? Tell us in the comments below. 

—Amber Guetebier


photo: Dennis Wong via flickr