The shift from summer into school (and a whole season of holidays) can be a whirlwind—but it doesn’t have to be! During September, we want you to submit all of your posts that help parents survive the Back-to-School and holiday seasons. Share your favorite secrets on how to hack the school year. Tell us your best feel-good stories, and give us unique advice on what you’re doing now to prep for the holidays. Our editors will select three original posts based on the quality of writing, originality and number of page views received. Winners will each earn $100.

Some ideas for inspiration:

  • We’re Surviving Back to School & This Is How
  • This Is the New Holiday Tradition We’re Freaking out Over
  • These Are Our Favorite Holidays & These Are Totally Overblown
  • We Don’t Have Any Orchards So Here’s How We Get in the Fall Spirit
  • How to Survive Halloween on a Tight Budget
  • How to Survive All Your Back to School Functions/Holiday Functions When You’re an Introvert
  • How We’re Planning Now to Have a Less Insane Holiday Season

Submit your September story today! For this challenge, use the article code “#September 2017” when submitting. Remember, to be eligible for the prize, you must submit an original post.

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