Celebs—they’re just like us. And sometimes…well sometimes they show off their regular ol’ mama selves in a pretty public way. Recently, Serena Williams posted a photo of her living room on Instagram and we’re all totally nodding our heads going, “Same.”

In the pic, Williams is standing in the middle of her playroom. Um wait. Scratch that—her living room. The mama, tennis star and super-celebrity is holding her arms out, surrounded by random stray toys and a cute little kiddo climber/slide contraption.

Williams captioned her post, “Sometimes I have to throw my hands in the air. #thismama used to have a living room. Now I just have a play room. When did that happen?”

Apparently Williams isn’t alone when it comes to the kid-created toy takeover. Plenty of her followers shared their own #thismama moments and commented with their similar stories. One commenter shared, “Me and you both.” Another IG follower wrote, “Welcome to Mommy-world. It will be like this for a couple of years.”

Another commenter added, “Yay, it’s not just my family room.” And the comments kept on coming.

Even though the mess is…well messy, it’s not all bad news. One of Williams’ followers commented, “Enjoy! Some day you will miss this.” So true.

Until then—the struggle is real, Serena. We feel ‘ya, girl.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Serena Williams via Instagram 



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