Just four months after becoming a new mama, Serena Williams was slated to play the Australian Open. Even though she’s the defending seven-time champion, Williams won’t be making a comeback. At least not this year. Williams famously won last year’s Open while eight weeks pregnant, making it a major moment for her personally and professionally. But this year, she’s all about the personal.

In a statement (on her professional return) Williams said, “After competing in Abu Dhabi I realized that although I am super close, I’m not where I personally want to be.” She went on to add, “My coach and team always said, ‘Only go to tournaments when you prepare to go all the way.’ I can compete — but I don’t want to just compete, I want to do far better than that and to do so, I will need a little more time.”

Williams’ decision is one that many mamas can completely understand. Hey, it’s a challenge for most of us to get back into the swing of a regular ol’ job just months after having a baby. Now imagine that you’re on the world stage, trying to win one of the most prestigious tennis championships in the world. That certainly can’t be easy — for anyone.

When the tennis phenom does make a full return, she only needs one more win to tie the current major title record-holder, Margaret Court.

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