If it seems like the news lately is…well, overwhelming — it is. Now imagine how your child feels. Whether we’re talking about hurricane-inflicted devastation or a mass shooting, it’s tough enough for a grown-up to process tragedy. Young children often have an even harder time when it comes to understanding and dealing with traumatic experiences. And that’s where Sesame Street is stepping in. The beloved children’s show recently released a video series that’s aimed at helping kids to cope with trauma.

The free online resources include videos, books, activities and games. These come in both English and Spanish versions. The new Sesame Street materials don’t just help kids to deal with major worldwide or newsworthy trauma. They also help children to cope with traumatic experiences that are personally traumatic.

Feelings aren’t exactly easy for the young child to understand. When stress and anxiety takes over, kids aren’t always equipped to handle what’s going on inside. This new series provides ways to calm down, handle frustration and learn how to feel safe when things get scary.

The videos are made for a child to watch with their parent or caregiver. Not only can the child get an education in handling heavy feelings, but (by watching the materials with a caring adult) they can build relationships. This adds to the nurturing effect of the videos and can help the child to feel safe and secure.

How do you help your child cope with challenging experiences? Share your tips in the comments below.