Sesame Street’s parody game has been pretty on point the last few seasons, but their latest homage will leave you exclaiming, “Again, again!”, right along with your toddler. If you’ve wrapped up Stranger Things 2 and are already missing the show, then you’ll want to check out this parody asap.

It’s Sesame Street, so of course there is an important educational angle to the storyline of the parody titled “Sharing Things,” which, in case it wasn’t obvious, is all about sharing. Cookie Monster (aka Cookiegorgon) leaves poor Barb in the Snackside Down, so that he can go on the hunt for more Halloween candy after eating everything in sight.

Grover and Ernie both make appearances as the Sesame Street versions of Dustin and Lucas, while Cookiegorgon learns that it’s more fun to share his treats with others rather than gobbling them all up. It wouldn’t be a true Stranger Things parody without Eleven, and it wouldn’t be Sesame Street, if she wasn’t an actual number eleven. The best part is you’ll finally get some much needed closure on Barb, who is alive and hanging out in the Snackside Down enjoying some Eggos in the end.

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