The Walking Dead is your one little guilty pleasure. In fact, on Sunday night you made darn sure that your kiddos were tucked into bed and off to dreamland well before the 9 p.m. season premiere time. Come on. You’ve spent enough time watching animated animals sing during the day. Now, you need some grown-up TV time. Well, now your favorite zombified show is making its way to kid-time TV. Yep, Sesame Street is brilliantly parodying the AMC fan favorite.

Umm, Sesame Street? The Walking Dead? Hold on here. Is that…well, right? Okay, so Negan and his beloved baseball bat Lucille aren’t exactly popping up in Oscar’s trash can or hanging with Big Bird and Elmo. But the geniuses at Sesame Street have created “The Walking Gingerbread” — a kid-friendly, totally silly parody of the real deal. Oh, but minus the zombies. Kind of. There are sweet little “eaters” in the Sesame Street version. Don’t worry, these aren’t flesh-eating zombies. They’re cookie-eating cookies. Yeah, we get that the gingerbread cookies are crazily chowing down on their own kind. But your kiddo isn’t likely to pick up on the similarities between that and a hoard of zombies munching on human brains.

Starring Cookie Monster as a Rick Grimes-esque sheriff and Muppet versions of Daryl and Michonne, the gang is trying to keep “The Crumbies” away. Of course, this means that Cookie Monster can’t open any of the randomly placed boxes of cookies.

While you can’t tune into The Walking Dead while the kids are awake, you can watch this amazingly, awesome imaginative Sesame Street version. And just in case you were thinking of skipping this one, the Governor shows up for an impromptu disco-lit dance party. Really!

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