We recently caught wind of Sesame Street’s Twitter accounts, and now we can’t stop following them! The gang from Sesame Street each has their own handle and it’s nothing but hilarious tweets from Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch and even Elmo––all with their unique personality to boot.

Keep reading for some of our fave tweets from these beloved Sesame Street icons.


1. Cookies are always the best form of self-care.

2. We all need a New Year’s resolution.

3. Could Big Bird get any sweeter?

4. Even Sesame Street pals love a good Twitter mention.

5. Nothing like that cookie love.

6. Typical Oscar.

7. Gotta love those bird jokes.

8. Team Bernie or Team Ert? You decide.

9. SAME.

10. Enough said.


––Karly Wood

Featured photo: Sesame Street via Instagram



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