Your fave kids’ show just got some serious social media attention. When the Sesame Street Twitter account recently asked which of their “friends” you’d want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island, the internet had feelings on the matter.

So which fave friend did the Twitter-verse choose? The picks were mixed. One eager answer-er nominated Oscar for his trashcan of “useful junk.” But then took it back and picked Grover for his can-do attitude.

Another Twitter user also chose Grover, noting the Muppet’s ability to tie knots, build wooden structures and lay bricks.

Of course, food would turn into an issue. And this Twitter user had a solution by picking Cookie Monster.

Even though Oscar is a grouch, this Twitter user shows it’s possible to look past the grumpiness and see his resourceful side.

Some comments took to the darker side of things. Director Joss Whedon choose Super Grover for his ability to “get stuff done,” but also noted that the Muppet would provide plenty of food—in that “stranded on a deserted island with nothing to eat” sense. (Oh Joss, could we please go one plot without killing a beloved character? Please?)

While there’s no total yet, judging by the tweets it seems like your kiddo’s favorite red monster, Elmo, is in last place. But that could change at any time! Check out all the hilarious answers here on Twitter.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Sesame Street via Instagram



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