If standard posters and decorating items leave you with the deflating sense that your kiddo’s wall space is more basic and boring than imaginative and inspiring, then Etsy, the well-renowned online vintage and handmade treasure trove, is your secret weapon. And, an entertaining, stylish weapon at that. Scroll through our top 7 unique faves for transforming your little one’s bedroom wall space into a fanciful place to relax, dream freely and feel at home.

1. Customized Flower Wall Mural

Spice up your blank walls with a custom flower mural. Merely peel and stick these decals by MyWallStickers and voila, your little one’s room is instantly transformed into an enchanting garden. We love these stickers because they won’t leave any residue on the surface of your wall and you can customize the stickers to include your child’s name. $164.99.

2. Star Wars Speciality Posters

Yes, these are the tooth brushing motivational posters you’re looking for. Keep all your tiny knights in a row with Star Wars fun bathroom quotes and reminders, available at  Fit To Print Designs. $20.

3. Giraffe Growth Chart

Track your little one’s growth spurts with this giraffe vinyl wall decal. We love this growth chart because Wallinspired can customize the wall decal to any size and the material itself is high quality matte finish vinyl so the chart truly looks hand-painted when mounted onto the wall. $65.

4. Soothe, Not Scratch

Never has decal gotten so soft. Made with fabrics and paints, these WallStories will have the tots and tods running their hands streak-free along the walls. Don’t worry about the misplace! These decals are water-based and easy to reposition. $15-80

5. Imagination/Fantasy Decor 

Astronaut, pirate or something more? graphicspaces has the pickings to inspire or fulfill your little ones’ dreams of swimming with mermaids or racing in the safari. Each set comes with easy to follow instructions, customizable names and a surprise gift! $50

6. Draw on the Wall

Doodles are completely allowed in this area! InAnInstantArt offers a fabulous combination of wall art and chalkboard for your little one to get their Picasso on ($30). This store also offers regular scenic decal with sleepy pandas and oceanic swimmers.

7. Traditional but Original Prints

Sarah Jane Studios‘ beautiful prints look straight out of a storybook you wish you had. For modern or vintage homes, these illustrations, inspired by 1950’s picture books, will look fantastic anywhere you place them. $26

8. You Are My Sunshine Art Prints

We love these cheerful prints by GalerieAnals because they instantly add a touch of style and color to your nursery or kids room. These are reproductions of original, handmark artworks from Paris. While this set of three is $72, her other absolutely cute prints start from $14.

9. Hanging Arts 

Maybe your kid has talented fingers and can create their own wall art. But don’t be tacky about the display, use some of MapleShadeKids eco-friendly display clips to show off the little ones’ inner Van Gogh. $29

10. Custom Wooden Letters

BugsNButterflies have created a super cute way to liven up your wall space with custom-made wooden letters whose colors can be tailored to any decor or theme. We love these custom wooden letters because they are completely customized to your name, which means you pick the color, the image on the letter, ribbons, buttons, and whether the letters are polka dot or striped. $9 per letter.

11. Hand Cut Dinosaurs

We’re hard pressed to find any kid who hasn’t gone through a dinosaur phase at some point in his or her young life. If your kiddo is a dino enthusiast then these hand-cut wooden dinosaurs are the perfect wall decoration. We love these items by Tmreudgen because each are literally made to order — if you don’t see your favorite dinosaur then email the seller and they can customize them! $20.

12. Vintage Fabric Wall Art

Hand-sewn retro crafter-pieces by Lollipop Lane Decor use buttons, zippers and colors for one-of-a-kind wall art that brighten the walls and bring delighted smiles. $125. The texture, patterns, and color add a bit of depth to your otherwise boring wall.

Spot any other children’s room gems on Etsy? Let us know, below.

–Genna McGahee