There is a meme that I keep running into on social media that says, “I’m done adulting. Let’s be mermaids.”

Photo: Jenna Gilbert

Truthfully, it makes me kind of giggle every time I see it. In a recent texting convo with a girlfriend, we asked each other what made us want to grow up so fast when we were kids. Was it legal drinking? Loss of curfew? Freedom? Our own family? Even though “adulting” isn’t a real word, it certainly does seem like it should be, right? Being an adult can be super hard, and parenting is like a different level of crazy.

Thing is though- being a parent is pretty outrageously awesome. Some of the hardest days are the, “Are my pants on fire? I don’t think I would even notice because I am so busy,” kind of days. These are the days when I am positive that we all need to pat ourselves on the back for the simple things that we accomplished. Let’s discuss a few.

1. Your kids leave the house with matching pants. Heck, I think their socks actually matched as well. And you are really lucky if they caught the bus without running.

2. Tonight’s dinner may have been ordered at a drive thru, but your family ate! They let you use an expired coupon and you opted for the salads instead of the french fries. And you were actually able to help the oldest with his history homework with the time you saved. Huge pat on the back for that one, even if you did have to ask Siri what year Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

3. You pooped alone. I’m just going to leave that one right there. Anyone with a toddler knows that this is an incredibly fantastic 5-10 minutes of your life, however rare.

4. The soccer uniforms were clean and all you had to do was turn the dryer back on to get the wrinkles out. Their cleats were in the right place and your mom van got them to the field right on time. Props, Parent of the Year. And keep rocking those yoga pants to practices. None of the other moms are really going to the gym tonight and they are comfortable.

5. Lunches for school tomorrow are packed and the living room floor shows no evidence of Captain Toy Tornado that is finally fast asleep. You are multi-tasking the laundry that needed folding with that show you really wanted to catch up on. Those things easily go together. And, heck, it kept you out of the snack zone. Score.

6. There are no kids in your bed and you are pretty sure they are all still in their own. It is super quiet. They look like princes and princesses in their sleep. And so quiet.

7. You are in bed before 11 p.m. It could be a record. And you are truly exhausted.

The best part about it? You are ready to tackle it all like a superhero again tomorrow. Mermaids are overrated anyways.

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