While New Yorkers are supposedly the ones with great fashion sense, San Franciscans are giving them a run for their money. And, no we’re not talking about us grown-ups. We’re referring to our kiddos who seem to take our finicky summer weather (seriously, how is there this much fog in the summer?!) in stride, while looking totally fab. We recently hit the streets of San Francisco to uncover some of the city’s most stylin’ tots and boy were we surprised how cool (and adorable) some of these kids are. From cowboy boots to cute GAP dresses and fun patterns, it’s clear that San Francisco kids (and their parents) know how to dress. Click through for three of our favorite summer street styles. If you have a stylin’ tot at home, we’d love to see him or her — simply, send a photo into our Editor (erin@redtri.com) and who knows, maybe your kiddo will be featured on our next installment of Street Style.

Where: Dolores Park, Mission District in San Francisco
Name: Tanner
Age: 3

What he’s wearing:
Boots – Cavendars
Shirt – Original Penguin
Pants – J. Crew
Tie – Daddy’s (aka J. Crew)

While out scouting for the trendiest kids in the Bay Area, a flash of red boots racing out of Dolores Park caught our eye. We were delighted when this fashionable tot settled in front of the camera like a pro.

Styling doesn’t have to be all about the runway looks and high-end designer clothes. When we asked who dressed little Tanner this morning, his mom told us that Tanner brings his clothing requests to her. His fashion inspiration is to “dress like daddy at work,” it’s really as simple as that!

We love the clashing patterns on the checkered blue tie and detailed shirt: somehow it all works together — we think it’s all thanks to stunning red cowboy boots.

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