From the  American Legion Auxiliary:

As we do every year, this Halloween we will be passing out candy for our trick-or-treaters to enjoy.  For those of us with children, they will be going door-to-door bringing home more chocolate than they possibly can consume.  By early next week, the candy that they exhausted themselves to get on Saturday night will find its way into the trash, just in time for the garbage man.

This year, I would like to ask that you do something special with that leftover candy and send it to a Marine combat unit forward deployed in Afghanistan.  Our Marines and Sailors are fighting to defend our country and protect all of us here in the States.  These care packages bring enormous joy to our young warriors who all have volunteered for this duty and only ask for your respect and appreciation for their efforts.  You can send a medium flat rate box via the U. S. Postal Service for about $10.00 and a large one for $12.00.

If you have some extra room in your box, let me urge you to include some baby wipes ($2.00 at Target).  Our Marines and Sailors are able to take a shower, at best, twice a month.  A package of baby wipes will provide a refreshing relief to a half-dozen or more of our brave young heroes.

Here are the contacts:

If your last name begins with A-F:

SGTMAJ Hoopii, Ernest
Unit: 73010
FPO, AE: 09510-3010

Last names G-L:

SGTMAJ Heyob, William
2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines
HQ Company
Unit: 73065
FPO, AE: 09510-3065

Last names M-R:

MAJOR Highberger, Dale
3rd Battalion, 4th Marines
H&S Co. / FOB Delram
UIC: 41600
FPO, AP: 96427-1600

Last names S-Z:

CAPT Saenz, George
Unit: 73010
FPO, AE: 09510-3010

This really is a wonderful way to help support our heroes who stand on a wall each night, in harm’s way at the point of a spear, and say nothing will happen to you tonight, not on their watch.

Godspeed always,

Robert Esquinas
Founder, OPERATION: Archangel
Irvine, California