The whole “Baby on Board” car window sign just got an upgrade! Shop Disney now has a “The Child on Board” car magnet—and yes, it features “baby Yoda.”

Out of all Disney+’s The Mandalorian’s characters, “The Child” (a.k.a., baby Yoda) has made the greatest impact on Star Wars fans. As if the original green alien wasn’t popular enough, the new version of Yoda has become an instant icon and fan fave.

photo: Shop Disney

The Child “On Board” car magnet ($14.99) is perfect for parents who are also major fans of The Mandalorian, too. To get yours, visit Shop Disney here.

If you’re not into the popular, “My child…” bumper stickers, Disney has another “The Child” solution. The “My child can levitate your child” magnet ($14.99) features the young Yoda star and provides plenty of cosmic coolness to your car.

—Erica Loop



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