Are you ready for your first road trip vaycay of the year? Before you hit the road, check out the newest card game from What Do You Meme—Shotgun.

While you’ll need to keep your eyes on the road, your fam can get in some game-time action on the road with Shotgun. This card-based game is the perfect way to spend long hours in the car and may just help to keep the, “Are we there yet?”s away.

photo courtesy of What Do You Meme?

Shotgun comes with 200 cards featuring trivia, challenges, dares, questions and so much more. One person plays the role of card reader and another gets to keep score. Along with the trivia, dare and other similar categories, Shotgun comes with “Just For Fun” cards. According to the makers of Shotgun these cards let you, “Find out how weird everyone in the car is!”

This one-of-a-kind family-friendly card game is designed for children and adults 12 and up and requires two or more players.

Nab Shotgun (manufactured suggested retail price of $14.99) before your next car trip from What Do You Meme? or Amazon.

—Erica Loop



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