So you want to pull your kids out of school for a week-long trip to Disney World. The winter is a great time to visit Disney World, after all, and if they can get their homework done in advance, everything will be easy-peasy… right? Not necessarily. When it comes to pulling your kids out of school to travel, there are a few factors every parent should consider:

Does your child’s school allow it?

First, find out what the school’s policy is on taking kids out of school to travel. Many schools handle the situation on a case-by-case basis — but that doesn’t mean school-year vacations are encouraged, either.

How is your child doing in school?

If your son or daughter is struggling in school — even in one class — taking him or her out of school is probably not an ideal choice. If your child is excelling and has the time and energy to take on extra assignments in anticipation of his or her absence, taking a school-year vacation may be attainable.

What grade is your child in?

You’ll likely have an easier time pulling elementary-aged students out of school than you will high schoolers. Multiple classes and teachers in middle school and high school will definitely make the situation trickier, assuming your child will have to consult with each teacher ahead of the trip. And chances are, each teacher’s expectations will be different.

How does your child feel about it?

A vacation in Disney World (or some other amazing place) certainly sounds exciting. But your child may have a different perspective on the family vacation. Perhaps he or she is concerned about an upcoming project or a big game they want to play in. Pulling them from those important events could start the vacation on a bad note — or completely ruin the trip.


Featured Photo Courtesy: Heather Beatrice