When you’ve got a sick kid at home, prepping yourself with an arsenal of easy activities is as important as disinfecting everything she may have touched in the last 48 hours. To help you out, we’ve got a list of quality entertainment perfect for an afternoon or two of couch crashing. Flip through the slideshow below to see our top picks for your favorite little people to watch while they’re on the mend.

The Stinky & Dirty Show (Amazon Prime Video)

Because trucks are always a hit, this show is another must-see, especially if your construction-loving kid is a fan of the bestselling I Stink! book series. Animated with watercolor-like swashes of color that make the trucks look like they're popping from the screen, the show chronicles the adventures of best friends and unlikely heroes, Stinky the garbage truck and Dirty the backhoe loader. Kids will learn important lessons in physics and engineering as the pair toil away to solve problems and get their work done.  Listen for the voices of Whoopi Goldberg, Jane Lynch, Andy Richter, Joan Cusack and Wallace Shawn.

Ages: 3 & up.

Online: Amazon.com

photo: Amazon


What’s in your kiddo’s queue when under the weather? Share with us in a Comment below! 

—Gabby Cullen with Melissa Heckscher