You don’t have to live in the brooding mansion atop Spook Hill to flash a little haunted house style all your own. Welcome a monster into the home with this easy, DIY Halloween decoration for kids: the transformation of an ordinary door into a ghoulish delight.

Using an inside-door opens up the possibility for materials (no weather-proofing needed) but you can also adapt this to your entryway or exterior door if you want to wow trick-or-treaters. Read on for a simple tutorial on turning any portal into a monster worthy of Dr. Frankenstein’s lab.

door monster craft RTD

You will need:

A door


Any combination of the following materials:

Tape—masking or painter’s tape works great, comes in many colors and doesn’t peel off the paint when you remove it.

Paper plates or construction paper—can be used to make the eyes as well as the nose or teeth.

Felt, faux fur, ribbons—The possibilities are endless. Great way to use leftover costume making supplies.

Plastic bags—work well for outside-dwelling door monsters.

Googly eyes, puff balls, yarn, etc.— anything you can think of to make eyes, a nose and a mouth.

Adhesive stuff—glue, double-sided tape, scotch tape. You’ll want something like double-sided to attach the eyes, nose, etc. to the door as well as glue or tape to create things like the eyes.

RTD door monster craft suppliesGather your supplies. You’ll want to cut out eyes, nose and mouth before hand, and assemble anything like eyes before attatching. Hair can be made from strands of tape, faux fur, slices of paper or yarn.

door monster WIP, RTDThese eyes are giant, glow-in-the-dark googly eyes, attached to paper plates. Let the kids draw the squiggly “bloodshot” lines on the plates. And remember, this is a monster. One, three and even twenty-one eyes are all acceptable. Attach you eyes, nose, mouth, hair and eyebrows. Embellish with stitches or other fun ideas. door monster RTD Voila! You have created a monster.

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—All photos and story by Amber Guetebier