It is no longer a shock to find a small section of your hair is somewhat crusty from some unknown baby substance. No biggie though… just run a baby wipe through it, that will clean it right up.

Speaking of baby wipes, you have a new found love having them around all the time. You are constantly finding new uses for them. Small spill? Baby wipe. Poop on your shirt? Baby wipe. Forgot to put on deodorant? Yep, baby wipe. You tell yourself “okay, now I’m going to shower” at least 14 times every morning, but it still doesn’t happen until noon. Maybe later. Or maybe just the next day.

There is no worse chore in the world than washing and sanitizing pump parts and baby bottles. Welcome to the downside of #momlife… cleaning. Forever cleaning. Wearing the clothes you slept in the night before until noon the next day is now acceptable. The only reason to change out of perfectly clean clothes is if your baby pukes all over them. or if you manage to finally get that shower in.

Baby gas has become a huge part of your life. Helping your baby get a fart out is something you now consider a great accomplishment.

You and your baby daddy have at least four conversations a day revolving around who the baby looks like. She may have his nose, but she definitely has your ears.

You have a new found skill of being able to eat with one hand while holding your baby and find yourself selecting what you will eat based on one-hand eating ease.

You find yourself openly discussing the status of your nipples with your significant other. Or you mom. And your best friend. No matter how bad said nipples are, you secretly love how awesome your boobs look now that your milk has come in. Will they stay this plump and luscious forever?! (sorry…no.)

Google is your best friend. You search history probably contains the phrases “When will my baby…” or “What does it mean when my baby…” at least a dozen times. In that google search history is “breastfeeding and wine?” because you just spent 9 months without it… when can mama get a glass?

There is literally nothing in this world that equates to the feeling of your baby sleeping on your chest. It is complete euphoria. The only thing that rivals it is the sight of your baby sleeping on your hubby’s chest. Gah! They are just too cute together.

You never thought you would take so much pride in your new found skills in speedy diaper changing.

You spend at least 15 minutes throughout the day staring at your baby’s nails and toes wondering how on earth they are so small. And you usually say that phrase out loud. Even if no one is around.

The question “is this clean?” is now answered by the sniff test. No one is better at the sniff test than a mom. Burp clothes, baby bottoms, your baby’s neck… just a quick whiff.

Your camera roll now is nothing but pictures of your little one. To a stranger, they all look the same. But not to you. All 168 of him wearing that cute baby bow tie are unique and adorbs.

You can’t image how your life was anything before they came along. Cue more baby kisses.

Have something to add to the list? Comment and share your signs that #MomLife has begun.

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