Ready or not, the holidays are approaching. Read on to find out the 10 signs you know the holidays are coming and then tell us below what else we should add to our list.

1. During each commercial break on TV, your kids scream, “I WANT THAT,” for two minutes straight without taking a breath.


photo credit: Sundazed via creative commons flickr

2. You’ve bought tickets to three different versions of A Christmas Carol in hopes that your kids will sit through at least one of them. It’s going to be a family tradition if it kills you.


photo credit: Stevendepolo via creative commons flickr

3. No matter how many cooking classes you take or Martha Stewart recipes you perfect, your mother-in-law will still say your turkey is “fine.”


photo credit: Jakeprzespo via creative commons flickr

4. You kids are dropping subtle hints about what presents they want by drawing pictures of this year’s hottest toys…on your walls.


photo credit: Brandi Jordan via creative commons Flickr

5. Forget stranger danger. You’re more than happy to let your kids sit on a random mall Santa’s lap for a few minutes if it means you can actually drink your coffee in peace.


photo credit: USACE Europe District via creative commons flickr

6. You get to explain that lighting candles and opening one present a night is just as exciting as decorating a huge tree, dumping out an overstuffed stocking of toys, and unwrapping endless gifts that are delivered by reindeers. Yeah, Hanukkah rules.


photo credit: goldberg via creative commons flickr

7. Now that the catalogs outnumber the bills, you’ve never seen your husband so excited to sort the mail.


photo credit: divortygirl via creative commons flickr

8. Your whole family comes over for a going-away party before you leave for a trip to Target. It could be weeks before you return.


photo credit: joe shiabotnik via creative commons flickr

9. Finally, a reason to wear all the sequins, rhinestones and glitter you want. Some call it tacky, but you’re just being festive, so go ahead and unleash your inner five-year-old!


photo credit: technochick via creative commons flickr

10. Weeks and weeks of endless excuses for eating what you want and NOT having time to get to the gym. Need we say more?!


photo credit: mynameissharsha via creative commons flickr

What else should we add? How do you know the holidays are coming up?

Written by: Jo Aaron