After Sunday’s World Championships, Simone Biles just became the most decorated gymnast in history—and her parents have a completely cute mid-competition ritual that will melt your heart.

When Biles won her 24th (and then 25th!) career medal at Stuttgart, Germany World Gymnastics Championships she did more than earn gold. The Olympian broke Vitaly Scherbo’s 23-medal 1996 record and earned herself a place in history.

Along with pretty much most of the world, the 22-year-old’s parents sat on the edges of their seats watching the world champ—but that’s not all. Ron and Nellie Biles, Simone’s biological grandparents who adopted her and younger sister Adria, reportedly shared a kiss after the gymnast sticks a routine.

The sweet smooch has become a tradition during the gymnast’s events and, judging by Biles’ new world record, means there’s plenty of love in the air!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Simone Biles via Instagram 



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