Mother’s Day falls in the midst of spring cleaning, and many moms are eager to cleanse their homes of unneeded or unused goods before the summer falls into full swing. Whether the mom’s in your life are working on their decluttering, self-proclaimed minimalists, or ladies who already have everything, an intangible gift can be the perfect way to show your gratitude.

Plus, If you’re late to the game on your Mother’s Day gifts (it’s this Sunday, May 14th), there’s still time to send a handy virtual version — we won’t tell.

When it comes down to it, Mother’s Day should really be every day. But for this special Sunday, here are four intangible gifts you can give to the rockstar moms in your life.

Meal Kit Subscription

For busy moms, one of the most time-consuming tasks can be feeding the family at the end of the day. We get it — a long day can zap the creative juices needed to throw together a meal. That’s where a meal subscription comes in handy for any family. A box is delivered to your favorite mom’s front door with exactly the ingredients needed to create a lip-licking recipe that the whole family will love.

Simple Spa Services

There’s no mom we know that doesn’t deserve a little R&R at the spa. Thinking that spa services always mean a splurge? We say definitely not. Most moms can’t carve out a full day to dedicate to exfoliating and massaging, anyway. Get them a certificate for a blow-out before date night or an upgraded spa pedicure that they can enjoy for an hour on a Saturday morning. It’s plenty, we promise.

Coffee on You

Where most of the mom’s superhuman energy comes from, we’ll never know. But we do know that coffee comes in handy for long workdays and never-ending lists of errands. Grab them a gift certificate so that they can treat themselves to a latte on the go.

Fitness Fun

What clears the mind better than a little exercise? If you know your main lady has been eyeing up a new barre studio or yoga class, get her a few classes to try out. A good sweat can set us on a positive and productive path for the whole day, so don’t underestimate the power of an hour of fitness.

How are you treating the moms in your life this Sunday? We’d love to hear from you!