Teen mom. High school drop-out. Homeless. These words all describe one remarkable woman. Single mom Ieshia Champs had childhood dreams of becoming a lawyer. But life got in the way—seriously. With a drug-addicted mother, a father who was deceased and no home to speak of, the then-teen was forced to hop from friend’s house to friend’s house just to have a roof over her head. And the story could go downhill from there. Luckily for Champs, it doesn’t.

While homeless and living with friends, Champs got pregnant for the first time. Instead of finishing high school, she had to drop out and get a job at a call center. By 2009, Champs was pregnant with baby number four. And here’s where things started to get even worse. In one year the pregnant mom of three lost her job, lost her home (to a fire) and lost her children’s father to cancer. Whoa. As if she hadn’t been through enough, this tipped the scales—and not in Champs’ favor.

The more-than-distraught mom was teetering on the brink. Suicidal and not sure where to go form there, Champs was desperate. That’s when her pastor, Pastor Louise Holman, stepped in. Champs told CBS News, “Pastor Louise Holman called me one day and said that God told her to tell me to go back to school and get my GED, because that lawyer I wanted to be, I’ll be it!” So that’s what Champs did.

After getting her GED, Champs enrolled at Houston Community College. From there she went on to the University of Houston-Downtown and finally Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law. Now a mom of five, Champs will graduate from law school this May. Congrats to the hard-working mommy!

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—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: maura24 via Pixabay


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