For 13 years, the Lair family had boy after boy. . . until their seventh child turned out to be a girl. In this video, the six brothers meet their new baby sister – and their reactions range from adorable to amusing. Five-year-old Houston, for example, is worried about his sister’s potential affinity for pink: “I don’t like pink because it’s a girl’s color,” he said. See all their adorable reactions by clicking the image below:

Lair Family
Source: Sacramento Bee

This is actually the second awesome family video from the Lair family. The first is the cake cutting portion of their gender reveal party, and it’s hilarious! Needless to say, there’s some amount of shock involved after six boys:

After the first video went viral, the family was featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Congratulations, Lair Family!

—Sara Olsher