The idea of laying in a wooden box with absolutely nothing to do might sound terrifying to some, but for parents who can’t even go to the bathroom by themselves, the Six Flags 30 Hour Coffin Challenge sounds like a dream come true.

Six Flags amusement parks are bringing back this unusual contest just in time for Halloween. The challenge invites contestants to spend 30 hours in a 2-by-7 casket in order to win $600. With the exception of designated bathroom breaks (which don’t involve any accompanying kids!), contestants must remain in the box for the full 30 hours in order to qualify for the prize.

The way some parents see it, however, staying in the box for a day and a half is a prize in itself. No lunches to pack, no beds to make, nothing but resting… in peace. Well, sort of. According to a press release contestants might end up sharing a coffin with “scary slithering reptiles” or “munching on giant cockroaches.”

Still, parents aren’t dissuaded. “Moms in particular are excited about the Coffin Challenge,” Six Flags spokesperson Sandra Daniels told TODAY Parents. “They’re saying, ‘Sign me up! I need a break!”

Each of Six Flags 15 parks will put a different twist on the challenge, finding ways to scare contestants into giving in. After all, the idea is to narrow it down to just one winner in the end. The Jackson, New Jersey, location will blast songs like “Baby Shark” on repeat during overnight hours. Yep, a mom is definitely going to win this challenge. Hands down.

If you’re hoping to join the challenge, check out the full details on how to enter here.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Sfgradventure via Instagram



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