Susan Brown

I am an elementary school teacher turned entrepreneur from home mama with a thriving skincare business that I run as a parent of 3 children at home!

Are you wondering how to get your glow back amidst all the stress of being a busy mom during this especially crazy year? It’s a big deal to try to find doable, healthy skincare routines while managing working from home, kids learning from home, and much of our “normal” being thrown out the window. It’s also extremely important to take care of ourselves as moms—you’ve probably heard this time and time again, the phrase “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” When we take care of ourselves we are more easily able to care for those around us. And, taking care of our skin is also just FUN!

So, where to begin if you are feeling stressed and want to take better care of that beautiful face of yours? Start small! If you are a beginner—do not start by taking on a 10-step routine! All this will likely do is overwhelm and confuse you and you’ll end up right back where you started. What should you do instead? Focus on ONE issue you’d like to start correcting.

Maybe you have acne from mask wearing—start there by introducing a detox mask and exfoliation a few times a week to help purge your skin of excess dirt and oil. Seeing added wrinkles from the additional stress of mom life this year? You are not alone! But again, instead of adding an hour to your nightly routines before bed, consider 1-2 anti-aging products you can easily introduce while you brush your teeth!

Like anything else in life—creating glowing skin free of the negative side effects of stress is a process that is built on consistent, healthy habits. And, those habits do not just come down to the things you use to wash your face! Eating a balanced diet, consistent and adequate water intake, and cutting down on stress in general all contribute to how our skin looks and feels. But, what you do use on your face to cleanse, tone, and moisturize does play a huge role.

Focus on the big things first-daily cleansing, wearing SPF no matter your activities or the time of year, and build from there. Find a way to track your daily usage and maybe even a partner to keep you accountable. You’ve got this, mama, and you will be thrilled at the results you see as you make your skin a priority.


I love this mask because of its simplicity! All I need to do is use it before bed a couple of times a week to see major results in how my skin looks and feels. It's been a game changer for keeping the pesky breakouts at bay.

Unblemish Clarifying Mask

Struggling with acne? This mask is a must have! The sulfur is a magical way to clear up acne quickly and to unclog your pores.



I LOVE this eye cream because it's such an easy item to introduce into anyone's daily routine. I've seen dramatic decreases in my dark circles and the wrinkles around my eyes. It's gentle, works for even sensitive eyes, and is very affordable.

Redefine Multi-function Eye Cream

Puffy eyes got you looking like you haven't slept in years? This one is for you!



I adore this scrub because it smells and feels heavenly! It's refreshing and the perfect way to relax and pretend like you like at a spa for the day. You can use it from your face all the way down to your feet, and it really does leave your skin feeling extremely soft and smooth. Plus, exfoliation is super important for our skin for getting rid of the dead and dry stuff on the surface AND for cell turnover.

Micro-Dermabrasion Exfoliating Scrub

Looking for a way for your skin to feel as soft as a baby's? You need this stuff.



I've searched for YEARS for something to keep my hands, legs, and feet truly hydrated and moisturized, and this is what I've finally found that consistently does the job. It's different because it uses a molecule to pull water from the air to hydrate the surface of your skin. Goodbye dryness, hello hydration! Huge jar that lasts for months and can be used all over. Oh, and did I mention it feels like a spa treatment? Because it does!

Active Hydration Body Replenish

Is your skin feeling dry these days? This is one your one stop shop for hydrating your dry skin!



This tool has been my BFF for over 5 years now! Why? It WORKS! After the first couple of years of mom life, no sleep, working, etc I was seeing deeper and deeper wrinkles forming that I did NOT like. I began incorporating this tool and serum into my nightly routine and I've watched the wrinkles nearly vanish completely from my face. It only takes one minute at night, the serum is like silk, and it's fun to use and easy to figure out. A must have for anyone wanted to keep the wrinkles away.

Redefine AMP MD System

Seeing wrinkles all over your face? This is your solution!



This serum has become a staple for me and so many of my friends. It could not be more simple or easier to use--it's a serum you put on your top lash line before you go to sleep. It literally takes one minute and the results are incredible! It gives you darker, longer, and fuller looking lashes. You won't find a better at home lash product out there!

R+F Lash Boost

Looking for Lucious lashes without an appointment? This serum is the at home answer for the lashes of your dreams!