Now more than ever, we’re looking for new and fun ways to keep our kids busy—and whenever possible, learning at the same time. Skip Hop just released a new line of preschool toys that checks all the boxes. From puzzles to stacking games, scroll down for their newest toys to put in your shopping cart ASAP.


Sort & Stack Cupcakes

This 18-piece set will help your kids learn their colors and shapes, all while practicing their fine motor skills as they stack the cupcakes, frosting and cake toppers.

Buy it here for $16


Memory & Matching Game

These sturdy cards—perfect to teach them memory and matching—are great for little kid hands. For the youngest toddlers who may not quite grasp the idea of the memory game, we suggest scattering them around and letting them find match up each animal pair.

Buy it here for $10


Zoo Bark-ista Coffee Set

They may not be able to actually serve make your morning coffee, but how about the next best thing? This coffee set will have your little baristas whipping up morning delicacies. The 20-piece set is perfect for encouraging their imagination with pretend play.

Buy it here for $40


La La Llama Microphone

Take their love of singing and dance to the next level with a microphone that actually amplifies their voice (yes, you can ask them to take the singing into the next room while you're on your Zoom call). The microphone comes with three songs they can sing along to: Old MacDonald, Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Buy it here for $10

Zoo Park Pals Puzzle

When you have a preschooler, you can never have too many puzzles. This one has eight chunky pieces (best for beginners) and will teach them hand-eye coordination and their animals and colors.

Buy it here for $10



What's for Lunch Game?

Encourage them to play with their food without the mess. The What's for Lunch game offers up multiple ways to play—you can switch up the rules for younger players and make it more complicated for the older, more advanced kiddos. No matter the level, this game encourages matching and memory skills for all involved.

Buy it here for $20


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—Erin Lem

photos: Skip Hop



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