Cursing under our breath and profusely sweating. No, it’s not the scene from that barre class we took last week. We’re describing the last time we set up—and dismantled—a pack and play. Now, thanks to Skip Hop’s newest product innovation, their portable travel crib, the days of trying to figure out how to collapse those pesky side rails are long gone. Skip Hop’s new travel crib, which just debuted this March, is a cinch to set up and it even expands to a playpen in mere seconds. We recently took it for a spin and here’s what we found.

It’s more than just a crib

The duplicity of this product is why we’re gaga over it. When you want to convert the pack and play from sleep mode to play pen mode, simply unzip the fabric mesh sides and bottom to expand it. The sides telescope to expand 60% larger so your child now has room to move around and play. The ease of conversion will blow your mind.

Plus, the product comes equipped with two convenient pads: one mattress pad with a fitted sheet for sleep mode and another water-resistant mat for play mode. It’s easier now than ever to toggle between sleep and play mode without having to buy more accessories or gear.

It’s easy-to-carry and compact enough for real travel

The travel crib comes with a travel bag and it all (crib, mattress sleep pad and play mat) all fold up easily. With a sling to carry, this travel crib is designed for travel. The entire thing comes in at 15 pounds. And, breaking it down and fitting it into the travel bag is as intuitive as it comes. Bring it to grandma’s house, set it up in your living room to wrangle your toddler or pack it for your next road trip.

It won’t break the bank

Skip Hop’s new travel crib retails for $180, which is far cheaper than the more expensive, light pack and plays on the market. We love that it’s not only a travel crib, but an expandable playpen so you’re really getting two products in one.

Buy yours at for $180.

Copy by Erin Lem; photos courtesy of Skip Hop



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