Are your kiddos obsessed with slime? Are you? Now you can go to a museum dedicated to the ooey, gooey stuff. The Sloomoo Institute is “A sensory playground centered around slime,” and you need to check it out right now!

To start with, why Sloomoo? If you’re not familiar with the term, that’s probably because it’s a completely made-up word. For those of you who are way into the slime world, slimers on social media replace the vowels of their name with “oo” to create their slime name. Take the “i” and the “e” out of slime and you get sloomoo.

Even though the Sloomoo Institute’s website doesn’t give the whole experience away, it does describe the “endless vats full of slime to play with” and the immersive ASMR tunnel.

The Institute also has a glow-in-the-dark cave, an EEG machine that shows your brain on slime and plenty of messy, magical fun.

The Sloomoo Institute is located in New York City and is open from 10 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday and from 10 am to 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday. General admission (everyone, including kids, needs a ticket) is $38 per person. Along with admission, the ticket price also gets you an eight-ounce custom slime and “other surprises.”

If you’ve always wanted to get slimed, for $68 you can purchase the Sloomoo Falls Experience. This includes admission, a rain poncho, goggles, a visit to “Sloomoo Falls” for a full-body sliming and a video of the ooey awesomeness.

Don’t stress if you can’t catch the slimy fun right now. The Institute will stay in its current location through the end of the year. After that it’s headed to LA! Visit the Sloomoo Institute here for more information.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Erica Loop



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